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Just when you thought that FlipBoard was a cool application that was way ahead of the crowd, a good friend of mine EricMiltsch told me about a website tool called that turns your Twitter feed, hash-tag feeds, and Facebook feeds, into a Daily Newspaper.

Active members of this community will remember that last month I posted an article on the FlipBoard App which is only available on the iPad. Obviously the field of social media data discovery is on fire because now we have a similar concept that creates social media magazines on the web and not limited to an iPad.

When you visit the website you can choose which social media feed you would like to create a Daily Newspaper for. I feel that Twitter could be the best feed to use because it can be controlled better.

In fact, as I stated previously, businesses could create a "clean" Twitter account that only tweets about articles they want to promote in their customer Daily Newspaper and not follow anyone else. If you follow others, their Tweets can impact the content of the Daily Newspaper.

You can also create a newspaper based on a Twitter list, which can also help target the content of your newspaper. Initial Setup

From this screen for example below, you could create a newspaper from your own Twitter feed which I did for my Automotive SEO feed, check this out: automotive social media tools

You can also create a newspaper using a hashtag like #DD9 to create a digital newspaper for the upcoming Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition.

Here is what my newspaper looks like from just my Twitter feed:

Automotive Social Media Newspaper

Targeted Social Media Newspapers

Taking this one step further, you could create a Twitter Account called and only Tweet about articles that a Phoenix Honda dealership would consider brand enhancing. Then by connecting this clean Twitter account to, you could have a daily digital newspaper available to customers in the service lounge on iPads or computers.

This is another "cool" product that has to be distilled to see if it has any practical application for business owners. I wanted members of this community to know about them early in the game and thank Eric Miltsch for seeing it first.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing

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